Milbank Group has completed on a new acquisition of leading livestock housing and comfort specialists, Intershape Ltd.


Family-owned investment company, Milbank Group, continues to grow its diversified portfolio of businesses following the successful acquisition of Intershape. Milbank Group is a family-owned business consisting of a portfolio of now 8 diverse and unique companies, growing rapidly through acquisition. Their businesses are generally leaders in their market for service and product quality, and the group strives to promote a supportive and inclusive working environment for their staff, whilst treating suppliers and partners with respect and fairness.

Acquisitions are viewed as long term, patient investments. Milbank Group are custodians of their businesses and work extensively to improve their environmental and community impact. Their aim is to not only improve their own environmental performance, but to also influence and inspire the markets their businesses operate in.

Intershape is a family run business, based in Northamptonshire, UK, with over 30 years’ experience supplying farmers and rural businesses with equipment to improve cow, calf, and horse comfort and performance. The business operates through the sale of high quality, innovative products, mainly sourced from North America and Europe, managed and dispatched across the UK via their warehouse and HQ in Daventry.

Their small team of locally based agricultural experts all have good experience in the sector, placing them in a prime position to offer both supportive and practical advice to customers. There is extensive research behind the correlation between cow comfort/stress reduction and healthy cows with improved milk production, both benefitting farmer’s profitability. Uncomfortable livestock can lead to injuries, abrasions, swelling, lameness, and disease.

Whilst Intershape will continue to operate as an independent business from its base in Daventry, there are significant synergies with existing Milbank Group company Silostop Agri that will strengthen and secure the future of both companies. It is intended that the Intershape brand will eventually join Silostop Agri’s umbrella of agricultural solutions, from precast concrete silage clamps to silage films and covers, windbreaks and blinds and gravel bags.

This supports the Group’s strategy to not only continue to grow organically, but to also grow through bolt-on acquisitions.

This amalgamation will introduce exciting opportunities to offer a complete range of products to new and existing markets, making Intershape a prime acquisition for the team at Silostop Agri. This new venture will encapsulate a complete solution for dairy farmers, enabling them to feed their livestock with the best quality silage whilst looking after their animals with the best comfort equipment, both helping to produce the best possible milk and increasing their bottom line.

Tim Brewer, Managing Director of Silostop Agri, will take on the running of Intershape with immediate effect whilst remaining to uphold his duties at Silostop Agri.

Tim said,The addition of Intershape to our Team is a really exciting opportunity for us. Their range of products and expertise are well recognised in the industry, and we look forward to working together and gaining more knowledge about the offering.”

Intershape brings with it great benefits and opportunities for all parties involved. Both Milbank Group and Silostop Agri are committed to continuing their strong reputation for quality and support within the agricultural sector, ensuring as a priority that both staff and customers across the country are supported and welcomed.

As part of the Milbank Group, Intershape join Milbank Concrete Products, Sui Generis International, Cadman Cranes, Silostop Agri, Orion Future Technology, Nicola Jane, and Xanthos Digital. A detailed overview of each group company can be found on the Our Companies page.

The acquisition of Intershape Ltd was successfully completed on Monday 4th September 2023 led by Prism Corporate Broking, Birketts Solicitors and Ensors Chartered Accountants (Tax Due Diligence). Intershape was advised by HCR Hewitsons.