Committed to retaining, nurturing and developing the businesses & people we invest in

Our Approach

We are a hands-on investor, and are actively involved in the development of each of our Group companies. We back strong management teams, and work closely with managers and entrepreneurs; we focus on providing the incentives and support necessary to create an environment for success.

Our Family of Businesses

We currently have seven businesses in our Group, comprising c.Ā£35m in sales and over 275 employees. Our businesses include; Milbank Concrete Products, Sui Generis International, Cadman Cranes, ARK Agriculture, Thomas & Fontaine trading as Secure CoversĀ®, Orion Future Technology and Nicola Jane.

Our Funds

We invest our own funds, alongside bank support. We have committed funds, which means we are able to undertake transactions quickly.

Our Investment Criteria

We typically either acquire companies outright, or invest in a majority equity stake. We are a highly flexible investor, and will consider most types of transaction across all UK industries.